WEB EXCLUSIVE: Johnston County Family Wants Justice In Shooting Death Of Dog

Tuesday, January 29th 2013, 2:57 pm
By: News 9

A teenage boy's dog is shot and killed by a neighbor in Johnston County, Oklahoma.

It happened Friday, January 25 in the town of Ravia, when 15-year-old Rumor Green was out for a walk with some other kids. What he didn't know, was that his 7-year-old black lab, Jake, was following behind him. In fact, according to Green's mother, Jennifer, he didn't realize it until he heard a gunshot.

"My son called me on somebody's cell phone crying, telling me to get up the street as fast as I could," Green remembers.

When she got there, she said she saw her son holding Jake, covered in the dog's blood.

"The dog was dead in my son's arms," Green said. "I felt really bad for my son because it was like losing his own brother."

According to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office, the man who shot Jake claims the dog was in his yard getting into his trash and to scare him off, he fired one shot at Jake with a pellet gun.

"The landowner said he had shot dogs before in their hind quarters to get them out of his trash and that's basically what he was doing," said Johnny Russell, Johnston County Undersheriff.

But Russell said the man didn't hit Jake in the hind quarters, instead he was hit in front of his hind quarters, a shot that proved fatal.

"There was blood where the dog was shot and it made it about a block and died," Russell said. "He apologized for shooting the dog. He meant to shoot it in the hind quarters to scare it off."

However, Green said she never got an apology and believes the man meant to kill their dog.

"You don't shoot guns around children, and that's animal cruelty, to just shoot a dog," Green said. "Seriously, there was no reason for them to shoot him."

Green said her son has had to see a counselor over the incident and is having a difficult time dealing with the loss of Jake.

"I just want to see somebody pay for my dog and for putting my son in danger, for putting my son through this," said Green "He's a 15-year-old boy, he grew up with that dog, he was our family."

The Green family is expected to give a statement to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday. The sheriff's office says once that happens, the case will go to the district attorney's office.

The sheriff's office will not release the identity of the man accused of killing Jake unless he is charged in the case.

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