White Supremacist Leader Arrested In Cleveland County

Wednesday, February 20th 2013, 8:39 pm
By: News 9

Wednesday, the Oklahoma County district attorney charged a suspected white supremacist with four felony counts for a brutal attack and robbery.

Cleveland County Sheriff's deputies arrested 46-year-old Ace Hailey February 11. The sheriff's office confirms he is a high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Both jail and prison records show Hailey has several tattoos that link him with the United Aryan Brotherhood.

Police say he is wanted for robbing a man outside a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex near N.W. 10th Street and Meridian.

"They beat him, took his car keys, and took his truck," Capt. Dexter Nelson with the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

Oklahoma City Police received information that they might find Hailey near S.E, 156th and Maguire Road in far southeastern Cleveland County. Deputies did, and after a 30-minute standoff, they arrested him without incident.

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"We had been warned that he possibly did pose a danger to law enforcement," said Meghan McCormick, the spokesperson for the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office. "We wanted to get this person off the streets."

We've learned the high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood caused concern for the FBI in Texas.

According to an FBI bulletin sent to Dallas Police headquarters, Hailey ordered other members of the Aryan Brotherhood to gather names of federal agents, state troopers, and local police officers - and try to find out where they live.

"We were glad that we were able to find this person, capture him, and put him behind bars where he will no longer be able to hurt anybody," McCormick said.

News 9 did speak on the phone with the man police say Hailey beat and robbed. The victim said he was too afraid to go on camera, because he feared he would be killed if he did.