Man Speaks Out After Juveniles Steal His Truck, Crash Into Yukon McDonald's

Monday, March 4th 2013, 10:15 pm
By: News 9

Three kids are in trouble with the law after deputies say they went on a joyride with a stolen truck, led police on a high-speed chase and crashed into a metro restaurant.

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The owner of the truck spoke exclusively with News 9 as the Canadian County Sheriff's Office released dash cam video of the chase. The truck plowed through an outer wall of a Yukon McDonald's just minutes after the newly-remodeled restaurant closed around midnight Monday morning.

Hitting 90 mph, two girls and one boy carved a path of terror through the center Yukon. On video, they can be seen trying to ditch deputies by turning on a side street. Instead, they ended up inside a McDonald's on Main Street.

"I was shocked that no one was killed after I saw the video," victim Max Homerding said. "The entire truck is totaled. There's no way to recover it."

The truck belongs to Homerding. Imagine his surprise when he was rudely awakened when the kids took the pickup.

"I just heard some pitter-patter, and then all of a sudden, my truck engine engages … I look outside right away – it's going east," Homerding said.

Homerding called 911 and described his truck in detail. Moments later, the chase toward Oklahoma City began. The troubled teens had escaped from Canadian County's Fort Reno Adolescent Center. They were believed to have been roaming the countryside.

"They were missing for several days, and the police were actively looking for them," Homerding said.

It turns out the kids didn't have to work too hard to steal the truck.

"I had my keys in the ignition," Homerding admitted. "It's one of those things you feel really dumb for doing, but at the same time, it's something you don't even think about because you know your neighbors."

Now Homerding is out a truck, but he has gained some valuable advice.

"Lock your vehicles," Homerding said. "Really, just lock your vehicles."

Homerding is looking at some legal options but says he can't sue the kids because they don't have anything. He also says the parents don't have custody. He may likely be all out of options.

All three teens were taken to OU Medical Center with minor injuries. No one in the restaurant was hurt.