OKC Mobile Home Residents Shocked About Sex Offender Arrest

Friday, March 8th 2013, 8:01 pm
By: News 9

Residents in the Falcon Crest Mobile Home Community say Lee Myrick was quiet and kind. The property manager says he always paid his $600 rent on time, so he was shocked when he saw nine police cars surround Myrick's trailer, Thursday night.

"The idea that these houses are so close, you can almost reach out your kitchen window and shake hands with the next door neighbor in their bedroom or something, it's too close," says Dale Kliner, a resident in the mobile park in South Oklahoma City for two years.

Kliner says he was startled to see federal marshals and several police officers arrest his next-door neighbor, 39-year-old Lee Myrick, for distributing thousands of pictures of child pornography.

"No, that's I can't say, that's I'm sorry, there's no reason for that," Kliner says. "There's no cause for that. Maybe my mind doesn't work like that, but that's unbelievable."

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Myrick is listed as a level three lifetime sex offender. He was previously convicted of lewd acts to a child in Spokane, Wash. in 1996. He registered as a sex offender in Oklahoma 2011, and a map listing registered sex offenders in a one-mile radius of Myrick's mobile home shows he's not alone.

"There are some in this neighborhood," says Jeff Wendel, park manager. "I don't have a problem with giving people second chances."

Wendel says Myrick kept to himself and never heard any complaints from other tenants about him. He says Myrick had several computers in his trailer and when he refused to come out Thursday night, officers pried his door open before they arrested him.

"I truly believe that if someone has the opportunity, gets out to make themselves better, I'm willing to help," Wendel says. "But when they choose not to change and not to get help when they have issues, then I believe he's probably going back to where he belongs."

Lt. Mark Bruning of the Guthrie Police Department is who Myrick sent child porn to this week, and because the images involved infants and babies, Bruning was able to make a quick arrest in just a couple of days.

Bruning says it could take weeks before officers are able to tabulate how many child pornography pictures Myrick has on his computers. Investigators are trying to figure out if there are any local victims.