Woman Rides Out Moore Tornado In Freezer, Helps Reunite Victims With Belongings

Tuesday, June 4th 2013, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

A young mother has quite the story to tell about the May 20 tornado. Although she had a frightening experience during the deadly storm, she's been compelled to help others who lost everything.

Malorie Gulikers is the reigning Mrs. Oklahoma United States, and was at the Target in Moore when the tornado hit the city.

"And so they advise everyone to go to the back, and my heart is just racing," remembered Gulikers. "I mean, I dropped my basket at the front, and say ‘what do I do?' And they say don't leave!"

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Gulikers says she and the others at Target took shelter in a freezer and listened as the terrible twister passed over them.

"You can just feel the rumble and feel the shake. I just kept thinking, let us come out of this alive."

Luckily, she did, so she decided to help those who lost their homes to the tornado.

"First, I picked up this photo memory book, and it's a scrapbook," said Malorie Gulikers "And it says Dakota on it, but it's pretty intact so I was pretty impressed with that."

Gulikers found the scrapbook as she was helping recovery crews sift through the rubble along Broadway Avenue in Moore.

"This has got to mean so much to some little girl. So I grabbed it, just on an emotional roller coaster from that day. And then I found this jewelry box not too far from it, and surprisingly, enough everything's inside! I noticed a best friend necklace that's a puzzle piece, a cross, a little bracelet that says ‘mom.' Looks like maybe she made it somewhere."

Gulikers wants to return these precious momentos to their rightful owners. They include some family photos and part of a journal.

"I think if my whole world was lost, I'd want some of these things back."

Gulikers says all she wants to do is to get those photos, the scrapbook, and the jewelry