Puppy Recovers After Being Thrown Against Wall By OKC Woman

Monday, August 5th 2013, 5:11 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police arrested an 18-year-old woman who is accused of throwing a puppy against a wall in a fit of rage.

Shaneeka Thompson is currently in jail on a $2,000 bond. But her grandmother does not intend to bond her out. She tells News 9 she bought a cute little Chihuaha puppy for her granddaughter since she wanted one. And she thought it would help her with her anger management issues.

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The grandma says she never imagined her granddaughter would hurt the poor defenseless animal.

"She just woke up because the puppy peed on her bed," said Beatrice Thompson, who is raising Shaneeka. "And she got mad and threw it against the wall."

Thompson says her granddaughter does have autism, and has spent time in juvenile detention for another violent episode. She says Shaneeka once stabbed her in the back with a knife.

"It was in the back shoulder," recalled Thompson. "But when they pick up a knife and start swinging, it's pretty bad"

Little Princess is a little shy after her horrible ordeal. The 8-week-old Chihuahua puppy seems to be doing okay now, but that was not the case right after the incident.

"The puppy was just drooling all over and disoriented," said Thompson. "I was not quite sure if she was going to make it at first."

Thompson says she grabbed the puppy and tried to get out of the house. She then called 911.

For now, Thompson is trying to come to terms with what happened, and make sure Little Princess is alright.

But Thompson says she won't give up on her granddaughter, and hopes someone out there will help.

"Someone has to," she cried.

For now, 18-year-old Shaneeka Thompson will remain behind bars while the DA decides whether to charge her with animal cruelty.

An animal cruelty charge can carry a prison term of up to five years if the person is convicted and sentenced to the maximum penalty.