Husband Shares Grief After Gunmen Kill Wife At MWC Home

Monday, September 16th 2013, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

Midwest City Police have taken six people into custody in connection with the murder of a woman this weekend in the 6100 block of S.E. 29th Street.

The shooting happened early Saturday morning. According to police, someone knocked at the victim's door and when she opened the door, at least one suspect began firing shots into the home.

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In a call immediately afterward to Midwest City dispatch, the victim's husband Kelvin Murray exclaimed, "Someone shot my honey!"

"Why?" Murray asked. "It just didn't have to come to that. It didn't have to come to that."

Murray says his wife, Shirley Butler, was a good person who never hurt anyone.

"I love her," Murray said, "That was my right hand. I miss her."

Butler died from a gunshot to the chest. Police say Jarvis Jones pulled the trigger and then everyone fled the scene. But one suspect dropped a gun clip, and another literally ran out of her shoes -- evidence that eventually led to their arrests.

Murray says he has no idea what the suspects wanted.

"There ain't no telling."

But Chief Brandon Clabes says the suspects were after drugs: three pounds of marijuana that officers found inside the home. And Clabes says this is not the first time the couple was targeted. Just last month, they were victims of a home invasion.

"Drugs and money are a deadly combination, and in this case you had one person killed," Clabes said.

Kelvin Murray says he would have done anything for things to be different

"Ya know, I would have let them have it; gladly let them have it," Murray lamented, "to have Shirley back."

Murray explained he and his teenage son are not safe staying in the house without protection. He said he did not recognize the names of the suspects in this case. Murray now faces felony drug charges. The six suspects all face robbery, conspiracy, and murder charges. The teenager will be charged as a youthful offender.