Mother Finds Loaded Gun Under Mattress In SE OKC Motel Room

Sunday, October 13th 2013, 11:34 pm
By: News 9

A mother made a shocking discovery in her southeast Oklahoma City motel room. She told News 9 a loaded gun was underneath her mattress.

The mother said she checked in the Plaza Inn just for one night, and it wasn't until she was packing for checkout Sunday morning when she made the discovery underneath her bed.

Mariah said she's found money and clothing left in a motel room before, but never this.

"It was right there at that top corner, if I would've stuck my hand in there like to get the blanket from under there, I would've felt it, that's how close it was to the corner of the bed," said Mariah, a mother of two in Oklahoma City.

Mariah said she was looking for one of her young sons' shirts in her Plaza Inn room, when she spotted a gun wrapped in a bandana wedged in between the mattress. 

"We were dancing and jumping on the bed and stuff, and I don't know, we could've made that go off, and then it had five bullets in it, so it was already loaded," she said.

Mariah said she called the front office and a maintenance man put the gun in a trash bag and walked off without calling police. While a Plaza Inn maintenance worker named Jesse said it was an honest mistake, and he later locked the gun in a staff room.

But it's no consolation to Mariah, who said she'll never stay at the motel again because at $45 a night, you get what you pay for.

"I mean that's scary because I don't even have guns, I'm scared of guns, so just me knowing that my head was laying there all night, me being in the room all night with that gun, that's kind of scary," said Mariah. "And for them to call that a family establishment, that's kind of messed up when y'all have that type of stuff going on and don't even do anything about it."

The Plaza Inn employee said the managers are out of town, so maintenance will keep the gun secure in a drawer for police to come pick up.

A Plaza Inn employee said the manager was unavailable and the owners were on vacation.

Oklahoma City Police said on Monday dispatchers never received a call about the gun and they should've been notified.