Family Seeks Dedication Plaque After MWC Playground Is Torn Down

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 7:10 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A park playground dedicated to a woman killed in a car accident is torn down. Family members say they had no idea and are hoping they may be able to salvage a piece of the memorial.

They playground was at the Kiwanas Park in Midwest City. The community services director with the City says the equipment was broken and they couldn't find replacement parts for it, so they removed it in August.

But they were unaware it was dedicated to someone.

For almost 20 years this little playground in Midwest City has been a place where Christina Taylor's family went to remember her.

Christina loved children, so after she died in a car wreck in 1993, her fellow employees at Wal-Mart donated the money to have the playground built. Her sister Tonia's daughter was one year old at the time.

Still, the family says they're not mad at the city, and they understand why the playground had to be removed. They're just hoping at least the plaque remembering Christina is still somewhere.

The community services director told me they are looking to see if that equipment and the plaque is in storage. He also said they would like to get in touch with the family to redo a piece of equipment and make this right.

We passed along his number to Tonia and will let you know what happens.