Del City Dad Accused Of Lewd Acts With Foster Child

Thursday, October 31st 2013, 5:32 pm
By: News 9

A Del City man is behind bars, accused of performing lewd acts with a young child. What's worse is he was the child's designated foster parent.

The Department of Human Services can't tell us how long this man has been one of their foster parents, but a police report states DHS did get a complaint back in September about some very inappropriate behavior.

That police report states Glenn Ray Auldridge, 55, who lives in this home on Hampton Drive in Del City, committed a lewd indecent act with one of his foster children inside his bedroom, and also in the bathroom. But those who know him say the allegations are preposterous.

"He was a great man, he loved those girls," said a woman who told us he was her uncle through marriage. "There's nothing he would do, he would never harm them."

She says the family does not believe he is guilty of the charges and neither does his neighbor, Levena Scott.

"Just from what I know of him, I can't see him doing it," said Scott.

Scott has lived in the neighborhood more than 40 years, and says Auldridge and his wife have lived across the street from her for more than three years. She says Auldridge has been taking care of his foster children for about a year.

"He would sit down on the front porch, him and his wife, and the girls would come out and play in the front yard. And every time they went to the grocery store they would bring them some kind of toy."

According to court papers, when detectives at the Del City police department questioned Auldridge, he "became belligerent" and "stormed out of the interview".

Scott says he even came to her house and told her what happened.

"It was just killing him and tears were just rolling," said Scott. "He said I don't know where it's coming from. And he said ‘I love them little girls.' And he said ‘I'd never do anything to hurt them.'"

Right now Auldridge is being held in the Oklahoma county jail on half a million dollars bond.