I-35 Corridor In Edmond Is Prime Real Estate For Businesses

Monday, November 4th 2013, 4:53 pm

If you have driven north on I-35 recently you've probably noticed a lot of construction. Mercy, Sam's Club, Francis Tuttle and Hilton are some of the names that are building along the corridor in Edmond.

The new Sam's Club location on I-35 has been open now for just a month.

"It's really convenient for us living on this side of town," said Tom Huey, who was shopping with his wife Shirley on Monday morning.

Edmond officials say they expect to cash in on all that stocking up when they get the sales tax totals. The City of Edmond operates mainly on sales tax revenue. So the pressure is on for Edmond Economic Development Authority Executive Director Janet Yowell to attract new business. And the I-35 corridor is prime real estate.

The city invested $11 million at the corner of Covell and I-35 as an incentive. A developer has agreed to build a 160 room Hilton Garden Inn. The new Summit Sports Complex will also go in on the east side of the interstate. Yowell is hoping that will anchor a number of other higher end retail, entertainment and big box stores.

"There's a lot of room to develop there and we want to bring in some significant development that would bring in sales tax revenue," Yowell said.

Further to the south, the new Edmond Mercy should be complete by June. And surrounding the new Sam's there is room for even more retail.

Groundbreaking on that sports center and hotel is expected in April. It should take a year and a half to two years to complete.

Yowell says it's taken a while for development to take place along the corridor because the infrastructure wasn't there and there previously wasn't enough homes in the area.