First Photo Reunification Event From May Storms To Be Held On Saturday

Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 5:40 pm

In the days following the May tornados volunteers combed through the rubble, collecting tens of thousands of pictures.

On Saturday, storm victims will finally get a chance to be reunited with those photos.

Volunteers have been working for the past five months painstakingly cleaning each photo turned into the Oklahoma Photo Rescue project. And now each is being digitally photographed to be posted on-line. Project organizers hope to have about a third of the pictures ready for reunification.

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"If the photos have been cleaned and they're in good condition it can be a fairly fast process," said Allison Counts, with Candid Color Systems. "Obviously the issue is the deeper we get into the project the more damage the photos have."

Photographers are digitally documenting about 2000 pictures a day that storm victims can scan through on-line before reunification at

Computers will also be available at Saturday's event. Each picture is then given a number, that its rightful owner can use to claim it on Saturday.

Grief counselors will also be on hand.

"It's very emotional, these are those memories they thought they would never see again," said Angela Madory, with Oklahoma Photo Rescue.

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Still if victims don't find with that missing memory on Saturday, all hope is not lost. Approximately 50,000 pictures that have been recovered, and more are being cleaned and posted on line every day. So there will be many other chances for victims to find their photos at other reunification events.

The project is still in need of volunteers that can clean the pictures. If you want to volunteer call Candid Color at 1-800-336-4550 ext.134, or 947-8747 ext. 134. You can also contact Kristy at 405-255-4465 or Angela 405-351-0753.