Adult Cyber Bullies Pick On Edmond Toddler

Thursday, November 7th 2013, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

A Facebook group made up of grown women takes cyber bullying to a whole new level. Pictures of children are posted at random, and then made fun of by a group of mothers. It is gaining national attention and one of the victims lives in the metro.

The women mocked and ridiculed toddlers, some we're told with disabilities. The Facebook group has since been taken down, and members have deleted their accounts. But, that's not stopping the mothers whose children were the brunt of the jokes from speaking out. 

"There were comments of people mocking how she looked," said Edmond mother, Ellen Veatch. "It was really hurtful."  

Veatch says she was taken by surprise to find her 2-year-old daughter's picture posted on a page dedicated to making fun of toddlers. What's worse, the photo was taken off her page from women she didn't even know.

"And it showed a picture of my daughter, just a headshot of her next to the headshot of one of the mean characters from Toy Story," said Veatch.  

The poster, Rinzi's Ruffles, wrote above the picture, "Something has bothered me about this child since I saw her."

Ellen couldn't believe was she was seeing.

"I was really upset. I was so angry because it hurt so bad," said Veatch. 

Ellen believes about nine other children were targets.  

Ruffles commented on another picture, saying, "You can absolutely not fix ugly. This is a God-given example of such."

On another photo, a woman comments, "It's hideous."

Another women says, "An ugly baby thread, I have died and gone to heaven."

But these mothers didn't know about the page until someone who was a part of the group took screen shots and posted them on their public feed.

"And she said that she didn't feel right about it, and so she posted them all on her main feed because she wanted to expose what this group was doing," said Veatch.

The group page was intended to be private. 

"Even though it hurt me a whole lot, I'm glad that she couldn't feel the hurt and humiliation that I saw all over the internet," said Veatch.  

As far as we know, members of the Facebook group were mainly from parts of South Carolina. No word yet on if any legal action will be taken against those women.