Lost North Dakota Dog Found In OK On Flight Home

Tuesday, November 19th 2013, 4:48 pm
By: News 9

A dog lost thousands of miles from home winds up in Oklahoma. Luckily, her microchip along with a Good Samaritan is helping her get reunited with her family.

Willy Fields found the 8-year-old boxer named Jasmine a couple of weeks ago wandering around Western Avenue between Edmond and Guthrie.

"I just stopped and opened the van door, and she came right up to me and jumped up in the van," said Fields. "She's a sweet dog."

Fields is the kennel master at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary in Guthrie. He said he took Jasmine back to the sanctuary and scanned her, but nothing showed up.

"My scanner didn't pick up the chip for some reason so we made arrangement to get her into the vet to get her checked and set up to be spayed, so we could work on getting her adopted," he said.

And that's when the veterinarian found the microchip, during a chest X-ray. Turns out Jasmine has been missing from her family in North Dakota for the past two months. The owner, Justine Bohn, believes Jasmine was stolen and somehow ended up in Oklahoma.

"The daughter was just plum crazy happy that the dog was okay," said Fields.

Fields said they held Jasmine at the sanctuary until the North Dakota family sent the money to have her shipped back home.

"They were missing her, they felt like they would never get to see their dog again," he said.

But on Tuesday, they will. Fields took Jasmine to the Will Rogers World Airport Tuesday afternoon and had her check in to board a cargo plane back to North Dakota.

"It feels wonderful to get her back home to her family," Fields said. "There's too many dogs out there that don't make it home. If she hadn't had that microchip in her, she'd never make it back home."

Jasmine has one stop in Minneapolis, but should land in Minot, ND late Tuesday night where her family will be waiting with open arms to welcome her home.

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