Volunteers Remain To Help Bethel Acres Tornado Victims 6 Months Later

Tuesday, November 19th 2013, 5:14 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

It's been six months since a tornado tore through Bethel Acres, Little Axe and Carney killing two people and destroying numerous homes. But the storm also inspired extreme generosity.

In the days following the May 19 storm, a number of volunteer organizations came into the area and set up camp. Now six months later, a few are still there.

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Mark Watson and his family came to the Steerman Estates mobile home park to help find pets lost in the tornado. They planned on staying ten days, then going back home to Colorado.

"Some residents asked us to stay and we've been working between here and Little Axe ever since," Watson said.

They've been living in a trailer and van and ignoring their own natural disasters.

"Our house in Colorado flooded twice since we've been here," Watson said.

The family has spent the last six months looking for lost pets. Among the animals: Aaron Ward's dog and cat.

Watson said he knows they're still out there, because he's found their prints in the sand.

"Oh here you go, here's the dog print, here's the cat print," Watson pointed out. "Since the tornado they've stayed together. They're out here in the rubble."

He's even captured them on night vision cameras. But so far, the traps he's set has only caught a possum a couple times and not Ward's animals.

The group is also still caring for nine dogs, a cat and a kitten. Trying to make sure everyone is home before they return to theirs.

Learn more about the group, including how to adopt the animals or donate to their cause.

The Corps and US Defenders Motorcycle Group, which has been basically running the recovery efforts in Bethel Acres, remains on site as well.