Bank Donates Truck Load Of Office Supplies OKC Public Schools

Wednesday, November 20th 2013, 5:32 pm
By: News 9

A truck load of unusable office supplies made its way to the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools on Wednesday. In a turn of events, Stillwater National Bank decided to donate the supplies instead of throwing them away, after merging with the Bank of Kansas.

Volunteers unloaded the 27-foot truck Wednesday morning. They rolled, stacked and sorted through thousands of promotional items that had the bank's old logo on them. Now these calculators, notebooks and other things will have a second life inside classrooms throughout Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Heather Meldrum is the Foundation of Oklahoma City Public Schools' "Teacher of the Year." She uses donated items in her 5th grade classroom every day, even things most people would not consider being used in schools.

"When I look at boxes like this and I know on the outside it says muffin box, and I'm thinking, what could I put inside of there? We could use prediction," explained Meldrum as she sorted through boxes.

Meldrum and more than 700 of her colleagues use the foundation's Teacher Warehouse every month to re-stock their rooms to ensure their students have the supplies they need to learn.

"I'm always looking for unique ways for the kids to be adjusted in the classroom. Whether it be a texture thing, whether it be pedals under the seat to help them with movement."

The massive donation of supplies will ensure children have the tools they need to stay focused and master the material being taught to them. The foundation's work, according to Meldrum, is a huge help throughout the school district.

"It's highly important that the community know, not just that it's school supplies, our kids need a lot of support in a lot of areas."

If you cannot actually make a physical donation, the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools encourages you to donate your time in schools. For more information on the foundation's work go to: