News 9 Talks With Minco Officer Stabbed In Head

Tuesday, November 26th 2013, 5:22 pm
By: Karl Torp

We are hearing from the Minco Police Officer who was stabbed several times, including once in the head.

"I was just trying to create distance and make it out of the situation alive," says Captain Brian Hau, about the November 19 attack in Minco.

Captain Hau was stabbed in the head, shoulder, back and hip before shooting Russell Mason in the leg.

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Mason was threatening to burn his home down with his family inside before he pulled a steak knife and allegedly stabbed the Police Captain. Investigators say he wouldn't stop his attack even after Captain Hau first used his taser on the suspect.

"Luckily whenever he stabbed me in the head, it bent the blade," says Hau.

"The main thing going through my mind was my wife is going to kill me when I get home," jokes Hau, who reports back to work on Friday.

"That's the job I signed on to do and I'm not doing any good sitting at the house," Hau tells News 9.

Mason is being held on $1 million bond in Grady County.

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