Water Woes Continue To Plague Norman Apartment Complex

Friday, November 29th 2013, 4:29 pm
By: News 9

Flooding issues at a metro apartment complex have residents spending the long holiday weekend dealing with a never-ending stench and health concerns.

It's been nearly a week since News 9 first reported on Ashton Place Apartments, and not much of anything has been done to correct the issues, according to tenants. Some residents have been placed in a hotel. Others have had to spend their Thanksgivings in a wet mess.

Earlier in the week, News 9 showed viewers home video of the flooding at its worst. Since then, Ashton Place has paid for LarBraire Edmundson and her children to live in a nearby hotel. Although, the complex has since turned a blind eye on some of her neighbors, tenants claim.

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"Everything has [gone] downhill," Ashton Place resident Amber Bennett said. "Anytime anybody takes a bath, shower, anything … water pours out of [the ceiling]."

Bennett says it's more than a leaking ceiling that has her in tears. While Bennett's mom was receiving in-home hospice care at Ashton Place, Bennett says Ashton Place sent her an eviction notice because too many people were staying in the unit. Bennett says relatives were simply visiting her dying mother.

Ashton Place's leasing office was closed for Thanksgiving. Earlier in the week, a property manager did not want to talk on camera. Since News 9's first story aired, residents have contacted News 9 with similar maintenance and water woes.

"Drop the lease, and I'll move," said Bennett. "I'll find somewhere to go even if I have to go to a shelter. It's better than being here with my kids and them being sick."

Since Ashton Place representatives will not talk, it is still a mystery as to where much of the water is coming from.

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