Salvation Army Bell Ringers Hope For Another Successful Year

Friday, November 29th 2013, 6:19 pm
By: News 9

The bells and kettles have been out since last weekend, but the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time for concern from the Salvation Army.

"I know for a fact that even a hand full of change can mean a world of difference for people in need," said Denovan Ratcliffe.

The bell ringing, when Capt. Carlyle Gargis is present and the trombone playing, are not the first things that come to mind for Ratcliffe.

"Helping people, bringing them hot meals, helping with clean up, they're absolutely amazing," said Ratcliffe.

The Ratcliffe family home was destroyed from the May 31 tornado in El Reno. The Salvation Army was the family's salvation

"It wasn't two days later they were out in force," said Ratcliffe.

And these red kettles were out there too. 

"Providing help, hope, and home to those in central Oklahoma," said Gargis. "We are helping 2,000 families totaling over 4,000 children."

Last year the red kettles raised over $400,000 in central Oklahoma. But this year the calendar is playing a different tune.

"It's going to be difficult, it will be tough to make that," said Gargis.

There are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, meaning less exposure for the kettles and the bells. That fact has Gargis acting on faith.

"We've always trusted God will make a way and he will provide. He has never failed us," said Gargis.

The army is staying the course and they plan to ring in another successful year.

"We promised to help so many families this Christmas and we are going to keep that promise," said Gargis. "So we are doing the best we can and leaving the rest in God's hands."

The Salvation Army does not plan to have any additional activities to make up for lost time. However, they do encourage volunteering. For more information call  (405) 246-1100.