Man Arrested In Spencer Nightclub Shooting Released

Friday, December 20th 2013, 6:12 pm
By: News 9

A young man, arrested in connection with a deadly nightclub shooting in Spencer, was been released from jail this month.

Deontae Thomas, 21, walked out of the county jail on Dec. 3, a week after the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office held a news conference accusing him of murder.

Both Thomas and his mother say they want the person responsible for the deadly shooting caught and brought to justice. They just say the sheriff's office brought in the wrong man.

"They surrounded the house. They had guns out everything, all around the whole house," said Cynthia McClarence, who is still flabbergasted by her son's arrest last month for first-degree murder.

"My son is not a killer," said McClarence. "He may not be the best kid, and he's had some trouble, but he's not a murderer."

Thomas admits he spent time in prison for first-degree burglary, and admits he was at Shaker's nightclub the night of the shooting. But he says the only thing he is guilty of is being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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"People started fighting, then there were shots fired," said Thomas. "I mean that's when I left. I didn't know anybody got killed until the next day."

Thomas says he knew the murder victim, Ciar Pierce, and even played basketball with him. He says there was absolutely no bad blood between them at all and [he had] absolutely no reason to shoot him.

"So you're telling me here today 100 percent, hand on the Bible you did not kill Ciar pierce?" asked News 9 Crime Tracker Adrianna Iwasinski.

"No," said Thomas.

"Do you know who did?" asked Iwasinski.

"No" asserted Thomas.

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But Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said an eyewitness claims otherwise, and he announced it at this news conference on Nov. 27.

"This witness placed Thomas at the scene of the crime, and detailed how he exchanged gunfire with the victim outside the parking lot," said Whetsel at that news conference.

But a week later, the sheriff's office released Thomas, since the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office did not file any charges.

Both Thomas and his mother are relieved he was released, but know he is still considered a suspect in this case until another person is named.

Cynthia says she also feels for the murder victim's mother, who is still waiting for justice to be served.

"I just want to make sure that the person that did this is held accountable and put in jail for it," said McClarence.

Ciar Pierce's mother Sarah Burdine tells News 9 she is disappointed in this latest turn of events, but is confident investigators will find her son's killer.

District Attorney David Prater tells News 9 they have not declined charges in this case and that it is still an open and active investigation. He says they just don't have adequate evidence to file charges at this time.

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