Spencer Police Nab Three Teen Suspects In Burglary Ring

Sunday, December 22nd 2013, 6:16 pm
By: News 9

Spencer police break up a burglary ring that has victimized more than a dozen families. Police arrested three people so far, and more arrests are expected, giving some peace of mind to their victims; victims like Jack and Hazel Riddle.

"I thought we were pretty secure," said Hazel.

The Riddles have lived in their quiet Spencer neighborhood for 43 years and have always felt safe until recently.

"It was his birthday and we went to eat and it was a very short time," Hazel said. "We come back and our front door was open."

Thieves struck, stealing their flat screen TV and a safe full of documents and checks right out from under their bed.

"I really was mad and basically still mad," said Jack.

Luckily their little dog, Abby wasn't hurt, and the other things can be replaced, but what can't be replaced is their sense of security.

"It makes you feel violated," said Hazel.

"The fact that someone was in the house that wasn't invited, just come in and did whatever they wanted to and left," said Jack.

Spencer Police Chief Virgil Green says the robbers hit 10 homes in this neighborhood over the span of a month, getting away with mainly TV's and other electronics.

"They've been able to stay under the radar and not be detected," said Chief Green.

Until last week, when a witness recognized the teens while they attempted to rob another home and even got the tag number of the car they were in. Another tip led police to three of the alleged robbers, ranging in ages from 15 and 16.

"You've got these kids that don't care about the things that their doing," Chief Green said. "So, it feels good to get these three teens."

"I'm glad that they've been caught yes, but I think there's one or more adults involved in it," said Jack.

Police are looking for an 18-year-old suspect and they hope to have him in custody this week. Police say the car the teens were in was stolen and full of 60 bags of marijuana.

The three face various charges including burglary and drug trafficking.