Metro Residents Dealing With Ice Storm Tree Debris

Thursday, December 26th 2013, 10:24 pm
By: News 9

Last week's ice storm left its mark on many trees in the metro. And now that the ice has melted, the cleanup and repair is just beginning.

It's been a tough task for many this week, cleaning up tree debris on top of everything else. But while some are removing trees and limbs, others are left trying to find ways to save their tree.

"It didn't break immediately. After a day or so of that hanging on, it finally broke in a couple of places," said Bob Brown of Oklahoma City.

It was "timber" for many metro residents as trees and limbs came crashing down after last week's ice storm. Brown's 25 year-old tree lost some limbs. The job was too much for him to clean alone.

"My neighbor graciously came over with a long pole saw and helped me saw down the parts and get them put at the curb," Brown said.

It's a similar scene across multiple neighborhoods where limbs cover the curb and huge trees take over the front the lawn. But there are some steps you can take to try to save your damaged tree.

"They're still enough moisture in the ground. The ground is still pretty loose, so those could probably be re-propped up and kind of correctively staked with you know some stakes on each side," said Shaun Doering, landscape designer of TLC Nursery in Oklahoma City.

Doering suggests if you have a tree that's leaning over, keep it propped with wire or staking branches for a full season. You'll also want to keep the tree watered and trim out the deadwood to prevent it from dying.

"When the branches are hanging down, and you have a split up that runs about a foot, if we're going to correctively prune that, you're going to want to cut it behind the split," Doering said.

Landscapers say the best way to prevent your tree from snapping in the cold is to plant the right tree in the first place; a hardwood tree, such as an oak, will withstand ice. And when in doubt, call a certified arborist for help.

Here are the pick-up days for Bulky Wastes in Oklahoma City and Norman:

Downtown and South OKC: Dec. 30

Southeast OKC:  Jan. 1 & 22

Northwest OKC:  Jan.6

Northeast OKC: Jan. 8

Central OKC- Jan. 20

Norman: Jan. 2 and Jan. 20

Edmond residents with tree debris can take it to the Edmond Transfer Station and will receive a discount.

Learn more about the bulk trash pick-up.