Dangerously Cold Temperatures Blanket Oklahoma

Sunday, January 5th 2014, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

It's been a busy day for emergency responders. EMSA reports, they've been called out to 23 car crashes and a dozen falls. Sunday night News 9 is told our local shelters are at capacity.

EMSA says ever since the snow started to fall late last night, crews have been working nonstop. So you know the weather has been unbearable for those in need of shelter.

"It's normally, just every day, I think, I wake up and try to find a place to stay warm," said Buzzie Fuechsel, who is staying at the city rescue mission.

Frigid temperatures sent Buzzie Fuechsel along with many to the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission. Buzzie hopes his 2 coats will block the wind chill.

"Came outside, knew it was going to be a cold day. So I started wrapping up my face trying to find somewhere to go," Fuechsel said.

Just two miles away, the cold weather is keeping ESMA workers on their toes.

"Little bit busier than it normally is, but we kind of expect that for this type of weather," said EMSA supervisor, Mike Roy.

Emergency crews have responded to dozens in the metro for car accidents and falls.

"The biggest thing that we can do is just remove them from the environment and just get them out of the cold into a warm environment in the back of an ambulance," said Roy. "All the ambulances have their own heaters back there, so that we can control the temperature and keep it warm."

It's sheer warmth that many at the mission say they need most of all.

"Some days our better than others. It's really just one day at a time, it really, really is, so a lot of prayer and a lot of patience," said Fuechsel.

EMSA is also telling people to make sure to dress for the cold and bring a phone, even if you're briefly going outside to get the mail, since many have slipped in their driveways and laid there for hours with no way to contact anyone.