Metro Family Offers Reward For Stolen Gun

Thursday, January 16th 2014, 11:06 pm
By: News 9

A Lexington family, targeted by a burglar, has offered a $1,000 reward to get back a prized possession.

Curt Haynes was deployed to Afghanistan for most of 2013 and returned in September. Two weeks later, someone broke in to his home and stole several guns, including a .45-caliber revolver his fellow soldiers gave him.

"It was a memento that they gave to me out of respect for me. It was very humbling as a gift that someone would give that to me and it's very special. It means a lot to me," Haynes explained.

The Uberti Long Colt Revolver was engraved with the 45th Infantry Thunderbird emblem and "OEF 12-13" for his 2012-2013 service during Operation Enduring Freedom.

"On the other side of the barrel, it's got our motto that we had over there which is, "Hell yeah, we can fix that." As a maintainer, that means a lot to us," Haynes said with a smile.

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office arrested James Newsom this week in a massive burglary ring. They recovered $80,000 worth of stolen property and linked Newsom to burglaries in three counties.

Detectives say Newsom is the prime suspect in Haynes' burglary and had several of Haynes' guns when he was busted except for the revolver.

"It's pretty devastating actually. It was something that they gave to me that we could all share together and now it's gone," Haynes said.

"Single somebody out to recognize their leadership and then to have it taken from you, you feel extremely violated," said Curtis Haynes, Curt's dad.

The gun's sentimental value far exceeds its street value.

"That gun means an awful lot to me. It sure don't mean nothing to anybody else, but it means a lot to me," added Curt Haynes.

Call (405) 823-9051 if you have any information that would help get the gun back.