Detective In Carina Saunders Case Facing Criminal Charges

Thursday, February 6th 2014, 9:09 pm
By: News 9

A former detective in the Carina Saunders murder investigation is facing criminal charges.

Oklahoma County Prosecutors charged former Bethany Police Captain Jack Jencks with 10 counts of larceny of a controlled dangerous substance on Thursday. Jencks was one of two detectives assigned to investigate the murder of Carina Saunders, a 19 year old found dismembered in duffle bags in Bethany in 2011.

The charges come after an OSBI investigation into missing evidence from the Bethany Police Department Property Room.

According to court documents, the issue first came to light in Feb. 2013, when an OSBI agent noticed hydrocodone pills were missing from the evidence. Similar evidence in 10 other cases was found to be missing. 

The OSBI immediately launched an investigation and determined prescription pain killers were missing from several cases dating back to Jan. 2011. Court records indicate, at that time, three individuals had access to the Bethany Police Property Room during the time the evidence was stolen. All three were initially placed on administrative leave. 

During an interview in 2013, Jencks told investigators he was in charge of developing operating procedures for the property room and he had brought it up to code in 2009. At that time, investigators determined Jencks was the only person with access to the property room.

Based on court records, it does not appear Jencks tampered with evidence directly related to the Saunders' murder investigation. 

Jencks did not return to work following the investigation. In September 2013, the City of Bethany released a statement saying Jencks was released from duty for "the good of the service."

News 9 did not reach Jencks' attorney in time for this report