McClain County Kidnap Victim Escapes, Alleged Suspect Behind Bars

Wednesday, February 19th 2014, 6:01 pm
By: News 9

A McClain County man is accused of kidnapping a woman. The victim was allegedly held against her will for two days inside a home in Rosedale.

McClain County court records show 28-year-old William Cory Davis allegedly locked the victim inside a bedroom. He is accused of physically and sexually assaulting her, even striking her with an aluminum bat.

"I think they need to try to get him help instead of putting him away," Misti Guess.

Guess is the suspect's mother and she claims her son has a bipolar disorder.

"But he is actually a very sweet and kind person," Guess said.

Lt. Billy Scott thinks just the opposite. He said the woman's injuries were some of the worst he has seen in his 17 years in law enforcement.

"I'm surprised she actually survived that severe of a beating. I've seen people die from less," said Scott.

According to the McClain County Sheriff's Office, the victim used her survival instincts. When the suspect let her out of the room to cook him a meal she managed to get away. The victim ran to a nearby church for help.

Still, Davis' mother blamed the victim in this case. She claimed her son and the victim knew each other and had a history of violent outbursts.

"You can't keep pushing somebody and just expect them to stand there and not react to it," Guess said, and claims that is what the victim has done in the past.

According to court records, Davis has previously been involved in a domestic dispute with the victim. In the most recent case, prosecutors charged Davis with kidnapping and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He's being held in the McClain County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

The victim was transported to Purcell Hospital to get treatment for her injuries.