Putnam City Students Get Advanced Learning On iPads

Wednesday, February 19th 2014, 7:56 pm
By: News 9

"Pressie" blogs and video homework have all become a part of daily learning at Putnam City. But if you're not exactly sure what all those terms mean, don't worry, elementary students can explain.

"They're doing things different than they have ever done before," said Putnam City IT Director, Cory Boggs.

The world of Putnam City schools is evolving.

"They live in the world of technology," said Boggs.

And if you ask 4th grader Madison Taylor or any of her classmates at Central Elementary, it's totally awesome.

"This is awesome," said Madison.

"I can just take a picture of it," said one Pre-K student.

The use of advanced technology is exactly what the entire Putnam City school district is "plugging" in to, with the use of 11,301 new iPads.

"A lot of the visual representation is helpful to them," said Pre-K teacher Alisha Sackett. "They're motivated, they're eager to learn on those things."

"It makes it funner (sic) when we go to school," said 5th grader, Liberty.

The iPads have been purchased through bonds and grants.

"It's taken years of planning to make sure we were in the right place have these," said Boggs.

It makes for a limitless learning experience, because there truly is an app for everything.

"You can just click a button and it goes," said Madison.

Madison's favorite lesson is the "Pressie", a digital presentation.,

"It's just on an iPad," said Madison.

As for Liberty, she enjoys blogging with her teacher.

"She asks us questions about what we're reading," said Liberty.

And for the Pre-K students, when they're not taking pictures of the TV man, they just like to shape their minds.

"It's been wonderful. They love it," said Sackett.

The iPads are handed out as teachers complete training. So as more teachers are trained, more iPads will be purchased with existing funds.

The iPads have been provided to all the schools in the district. The students leave them in class each night to be charged.