OK Deputies Arrest 3 Men Accused Of Stealing Dozens Of Guns

Thursday, March 13th 2014, 6:00 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Offices announces a major burglary ring has been busted.

Three men are accused of stealing dozens and dozens of guns and rifles from all over Central Oklahoma. They are also accused of stealing several rounds of ammunition and several pieces of jewelry too.

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They were all caught thanks to surveillance video - and a vigilant victim. That vigilant victim went to several pawn shops and businesses back in February, with a list of all the things that had been stolen from their home.

Southwest Bullion and Coin in Edmond was one of those businesses that they visited. And it turns out one of the suspects brought in some of their stolen jewelry to that store the very next day.

Surveillance video showed that suspect as he entered the Edmond store and presented the owner with several pieces of jewelry. The owner says she knew something was suspicious when he was trying to make the transaction.

"He wasn't nervous but it just didn't seem like something he would have," said Nikki Uselton, who owns Southwest Bullion and Coin along with her husband.

The man in the video has been identified as Jared Wilson of Arcadia. Uselton says he left behind his name and an Arcadia address, which she gave to deputies.

Turns out Wilson has a long list of burglary charges out of Hughes and Pottawatomie County - and was just released from prison last year. Deputies arrested Wilson, along with Paul and Shakil Fields, after they found several stolen items inside two homes along East 4th Street in Arcadia. Deputies managed to recover several stolen weapons there.

Turns out Shakil Fields has been in the news before. He was sentenced back in 2012 for brutally beating a high school student at Edmond Memorial High School. Now he's accused of being part of this major metro burglary ring.

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"Our hope is to solve even more cases and get these items back to the victims," said Mark Myers with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

Uselton says she's just glad she was able to help one of the victims reclaim some of their property, and put the three men behind bars.

"That's great," said Uselton. "I am so excited that they got them and have recovered items. I know some of that for her was sentimental - it wasn't about the money. It was a gun that belonged to her grandpa and that's the only reason she wanted it."

The victim tells me by phone on Thursday that she is on her way back from California and is glad deputies made the arrest. She just hopes her Grandpa's gun is one of those recovered.

Both Paul and Shakil Fields bonded out of jail last week. Wilson is still behind bars.