Fabion Brown To Represent Himself In Murder Trial

Thursday, March 13th 2014, 8:01 pm
By: News 9

The estranged husband charged in his wife's murder-for-hire ploy will defend himself during his upcoming trial.

Judge Ray Elliott granted Fabion Brown's request to act as his own attorney. The state is seeking the death penalty in his case, and with that in mind, Elliott warned it is a life-threatening undertaking.

Before the hearing News 9 asked Brown why he does not think he can get a fair trial with representation from the public defenders.

"Because the officer did a lot of dirty stuff in his affidavits and I'm going to try to prove that next week," said Brown.

Earlier this week, Brown sent a handwritten letter to Judge Elliott explaining his desire to defend himself in court.

"I really don't know what I am doing ... but I feel a lot of evidence will not come out," said Brown.

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He also expressed concern over his public defender pushing to reach a plea agreement with the state. Before entering the courtroom, Brown was confident he could defend himself. Still, his competence to serve as his own lawyer was the first topic of discussion in the hearing.

Elliott advised him of the potential pitfalls of self-representation when the ultimate punishment, execution, is a possibility.

Brown maintained the same confidence as the day he was arrested, in Feb. 2012, for his alleged role in the murder plot of his estranged wife Jessica McPherson. Brown claimed then he was framed and insisted, today, he get the opportunity to present those facts to a jury.

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With reservation, Elliott granted Brown's request, but warned he will not be granted any special privileges due to his lack of experience. Brown referred to a state statute book and said he feels he has a good understanding of the law.

When News 9 asked him what he planned to do next, Brown said, "Stay tuned and see it's going to be a very interesting day on the 20th."

March 20 will be his court date where the judge will consider several motions filed by Brown, including insufficient evidence. Brown also admitted to News 9 that he has never practiced law before, but assured us he has a plan.

News 9 asked his mom if she plans to buy more books before trial. She said it's a possibility.

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