Metro Man Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 10:12 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City man accused of impersonating a police officer may have more victims than the ones police already know about.

Oklahoma City Police said Wednesday the suspect tried to pull over another vehicle and had all the gear that cops actually carry. Police released the victim's 911 call to News 9.

"I've got a truck that looks like he's, I don't know, he might be trying to pull me over. It doesn't look like a police car, but he tried to flash a badge out a window at me," the caller said during the 911 recording.

The man was driving on Interstate 44 near SW 29th Street when he made the call Tuesday at 6 p.m.

"I've got my four kids in the car, he's got me a little nervous," he explained to the call taker.

The man said 31-year-old David Roberts flashed a badge at him after almost cutting him off on a freeway entrance.

"He's been tailing me for a while and he may be a police officer and he may have thought I sped past him, but I don't know what he's doing back there," the caller said. "I really don't know what kind of trouble I'm in here."

The 911 dispatcher advised the father to drive to the nearest Oklahoma City Police officer, who was just blocks away. Police said Roberts also called 911, saying he was trying stop the dad for cutting someone off.

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When police arrested Roberts and confiscated his vehicle, they said he claimed to be a security guard.

Officers told News 9 they cannot find his CLEET certification to be a security guard or his employer.

"Even if he is a security guard, he's gone well beyond his scope and his range of employment by stopping vehicles," said OCPD Capt. Dexter Nelson.

Police said Roberts' 2014 Ford F250 King Ranch edition truck has a yellow light bar and emergency lights in the grill. They said he had police radios, handcuffs, a microphone that attaches to a uniform, a duty belt, badges and his clothing was similar to what Oklahoma City Police wear.

"He was wearing a police-style uniform with a grey shirt similar to Oklahoma City police, blue pants and a blue vest jacket over the shirt," Nelson explained.

Officers said they also found a pellet gun under Roberts' seat in a police-style holster. Nelson explained this is one of the primary reasons why the Oklahoma City Police Department as a whole does not issue or give out patches to patch collectors, although individual officers can if they want.

Police said the victim did the right thing when he was unsure if the traffic stop was legit. Drive a little slower than the speed limit, call 911 and the dispatcher will verify whether a real police officer is pulling you over.

Police said they also found a stethoscope and doctor's credentials in Roberts's truck, so the white collar crimes unit is also investigating whether he impersonated a doctor. Officers said they also found narcotics, stolen mail and items believed to be taken in previous burglaries inside Roberts' truck. They said Roberts also had an outstanding warrant for Oklahoma County for embezzlement.

If you believe you are a victim of Roberts, you are asked to call Oklahoma City Police at (405) 235-7300.