Police Investigating After Girl, 3, Severely Abused In Pottawatomie County

Thursday, April 10th 2014, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

A 3-year-old girl is at the center of a child abuse investigation in Pottawatomie County.

Someone hurt Charlotte Kauley so badly that she suffered a skull fracture and subdural hematoma sometime around March 26.

Charlotte is currently at the Children's Center in Bethany following a long stay at OU Children's Hospital. She is learning how to walk again and retraining the left side of her tiny body after a terrible blow to the head.

"It's a miracle that she's still here," said Beth Marsh, Charlotte's mother.

Charlotte's parents are divorced and she was hurt while visiting her dad in Shawnee.

"It was really the hardest thing I've ever seen. She's my baby you know," said Marsh, explaining the first time she saw Charlotte at the hospital.

Visit Charlotte's Web Of Hope Facebook Page.

The Absentee Shawnee Tribe Police told News 9 the woman who was watching Charlotte filed a police report that said burglars broke into the home, but investigators said there has been no explanation about Charlotte's injuries. Police have only said they are still investigating.

"She was put back in a bed to die and I just can't even think of what was going through her mind and how much pain she was in, not knowing if someone was going to find her before she died," said Marsh.

Marsh started a Facebook page to get answers and justice for her daughter.

"What would go through your mind to do something like that to an innocent, beautiful child," asked Marsh.

Marsh said Charlotte's recovery will take a lot of occupational and physical therapy and she wants someone to be held responsible.

"You are going to pay dearly for this dearly, very, very dearly, not only with the justice system, but afterlife as well," Marsh warned.

No one has been arrested or charged. Police said they still need to interview some people, including Charlotte, and they are working closely with the Pottawatomie County District Attorney's Office.