Newcastle Students Sewing Dresses For Global Charity

Friday, April 11th 2014, 7:21 pm
By: News 9

Every girl deserves a dress. That's the motto for one organization reaching girls all over the world.

The name of the charity is simply "Dress a Girl", but the effort behind the dresses is so much more.

Pants, Shirts and leggings seem to be the trend, but to some girls at Newcastle High School, nothing can replace that perfect dress. Prom season is here, and these high school juniors know what it's like to be the Belle of the Ball.

And it's that feeling that makes juniors Amanda, Peyton, Koressa and their classmates want to get every thread, every seam, and every measurement just right.

"You are on top of the world," said Peyton Grant. "[It makes] them feel wanted and special and loved."

"Every girl dreams of that one dress that you can wear and feel proud in," said Amanda Clinton.

What these girls are doing is not Mrs. Debbie Chappell's ordinary lesson.

"I thought we were ready for a change," said Chappell.

So they're sewing hope for girls across 58 countries, including the US.

"These girls may have possibly never had a new dress and lets them know they're special and someone cares about them," said Chappell.

Each dress is handmade with specific measurements. The seamstress aren't professional, but the class receives an even more valuable income.

"Getting her out of rags, making her feel wanted and loved," said Peyton.

Once that stitch of approval is on from Dress a Girl, the donated fabric becomes a vibrant dress. And when third hour ends, these girls can't help but to re-seam the thought of their global impact.

From here the girls will pack up the dresses and ship them to Dress a Girl headquarters where the dresses will be shipped across the world. The group has a goal of finishing 100 dresses before the end of the school year. Right now they have about 90 left, but they are confident they can get there.