New Federal Court Documents Outline Motive In Murder Plot Investigation

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 10:07 pm
By: News 9

Shocking information is revealed in a murder plot investigation that has 30-year-old Preston Rhoads behind bars.

The federal affidavit and search warrant unsealed Tuesday points to a motive.

According to the affidavit, Rhoads told a co-worker that he was trying to "kill his pregnant girlfriend with ricin."

FBI agents and Oklahoma City police said Preston Rhoads was planning a murder. That plan was intercepted.

The murder plot started via text message with Rhoads' former co-worker. He told him he had something serious to discuss with him.

The friend jokingly stated that he can "make people disappear." Rhoads responded via text, saying not to joke about that if you can't deliver.

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During a face-to-face meeting, the co-worker says Rhoads showed him a vial and claimed it was ricin.

That same co-worker said Rhoads told him he downloaded a manual explaining how to manufacture the poison. The co-worker says while at Rhoads' home, he found what he believed to be equipment to make ricin in the bathroom.

"Information was gathered a few days ago that lead up to believe that a gentleman was trying to commit a homicide," Capt. Dexter Nelson said.

A credible source told News 9 test results confirm ricin was a substance found inside the home of suspect Preston Rhoads.

"That's really scary to know that that's going on, and I'm right around the corner with my children," neighbor Kynicia Crutchfield said.

A single dose of the poison made up of only a few grains can be enough to kill.

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According to the 14-page affidavit, Rhoads wanted to hire his co-worker to poison his girlfriend in order to kill their unborn child.

FBI agents said he didn't care if his girlfriend were to die in the process.

The affidavit reveals Rhodes gave his co-worker several different scenarios on how to poison her.

"Place the ricin in a soft drink and give the drink to the girlfriend to ingest."

Have his friend "act as a pizza delivery person" and "sprinkle the ricin on the pizza."

But, since she lives with her parents, Rhoads was concerned her parents would get sick. He offered another option, using his "AR type rifle and shooting the girlfriend in her car."

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But he said there would be too many witnesses.

Then he thought maybe he could "run the girlfriend off the road with his car."

But, FBI agents said Rhoads wanted to use the ricin, because he felt it could not be traced.

Preston Rhoads is being held without bond at the Oklahoma County jail.