Tim Samaras' Wife Opens Up About The Storm Chaser's Life

Thursday, May 1st 2014, 11:16 pm
By: News 9, David Payne

By David Payne, News 9 Weather

The May 31, 2013 tornado killed four storm chasers, including well known weather researchers Tim and Paul Samaras, and their chase partner Carl Young.

Tim Samaras dedicated his life to storm chasing and weather research, not for the thrill, but for the science. His passion to save lives ultimately took his.

News 9's David Payne sat down with Tim's wife Kathy, her first interview since her husband's death.

"He wanted to have a positive impact on life," Kathy Samaras said. "That was one of his goals. [He wanted] to contribute somehow to the world."

That's exactly what Tim Samaras did. Never earning a college degree, Tim was a pioneer in weather research, developing his own weather instruments to study tornadoes.

Kathy said, "Nothing ever stopped him. He just had this ability to envision it."

Adjusting to life without Tim, Kathy is continuing Chasercon, a weather convention Tim started 16 years ago, when a few of his weather junkie friends came to his Colorado home. Watching storm chasing videos on a VCR in his living room has evolved over the years.

Now hundreds of weather researchers, scientists and chasers gather once a year in a Denver conference center to learn the latest in severe weather technology.

"I've personally always known my husband was an amazing man. He had a purpose for whatever he did in his life. It's heartfelt. It's overwhelming to see that his life has had that impact."

Tim is still making an impact through Chasercon. Kathy is now stepping into the spotlight in her husband's honor.

Lives sacrificed for our safety. Now their legacy lives on.

Kathy said, "I do know in time that when this convention comes around, Tim's effect with this will have rippled out and it will have changed hopefully for better and for good."