'Oklahoma's Oldest Jeweler' Drops Mother's Day Gifts Around OKC Metro

Friday, May 2nd 2014, 5:00 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma's oldest jeweler, BC Clark Jewelers, is giving back to mothers around the Oklahoma City metro through their sixth annual "Pay It Momward" giveaway, as well as a charity to the Infant Crisis Services, Inc.

During the "Pay It Momward" giveaway, BC Clark will drop between one and two wrapped gifts in public places throughout the metro every day until Mother's Day.

"The intention of the giveaway is to simply honor mothers, and as a bonus, BC Clark is donating $2,500 to Infant Crisis Services to deepen the impact," Melissa Smuzynski, Public Relations coordinator for Infant Crisis Services, Inc. said.

Learn more about "Pay It Momward"

BC Clark Executive Vice President, Mitchell Clark, said the "Pay It Momward" giveaway has benefited the Infant Crisis Services, Inc., as well as the YWCA in past years.

Clark said there are 20 gifts total, and the boxes contain earrings, necklaces and bracelets with a variety of values.

The note attached says, "To Mom: If you found this, it's yours… Open It! Pay it Momward." If someone finds one of the gifts, and they are not a mom, they are encouraged to "Pay it Momward" to a special mom in their life.

Clark said each gift contains an instruction card on how to report that the gift has been found. Reporting the gift can be anonymous through a website link provided on the instruction card. If interested, finders are also welcome to share their findings through social media.

Two gifts were dropped yesterday, and one mom posted a photo to the BC Clark Jewelers Facebook page wearing a bracelet that she said she found at the Martin Park Nature Center.

BC Clark will share drop clues on their Twitter and Instagram pages, but the gifts will be placed in easy to find areas.