Noble Man Finds Owner Of Lost 1982 Class Ring

Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 7:19 pm
By: News 9

Buried treasures are usually found just beneath your feet, but for this treasure, we have to look up.

"Just the mystery of it," said Michael Ballard, after discovering the class ring.

What we know is Derek was once inside the house. And he liked motocross.

"Probably would have rode dirt bikes together if we would have been from around here," said Ballard.

And Derek graduated from Rush Springs High School, class of '82.

"I didn't even know where Rush Springs was," said Ballard.

But there's still one major question about Derek.

"Who is he and why was he in my attic?" said Ballard.

Derek never lived in Michael Ballard's parents' home. They bought the house years ago from the original owners and friends.

"We knew the family," said Ballard.

But Ballard came across a certain treasure in the insulation of the attic and the questions started to mount up.

"My mom wanted the attic cleaned out," explained Ballard. "[The ring was] just lying there, untouched. My first though was, ‘Who's was it and how did it get here?'"

As days of searching online without a last name for Derek, finder's keeper's still isn't an option for Ballard.

"You could pawn it, right, but I was thinking, now that I have kids, I think it would be cool to pass it on to my kids, saying this is my class right from 1982," said Ballard.

So now his real treasure hunt begins.

"He bought it for a reason. His parents might have bought it for a reason. There's no telling what this story is behind this ring," said Ballard.

UPDATE: The owner of the ring has been found!