Police Arrest Woman Accused Of Selling Drugs Near Del City School

Thursday, May 8th 2014, 6:44 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City residents took a stand against drug dealers in their area and they turned to their local "neighborhood watch" to do something about it.

Those neighbors tell News 9 they were sick and tired of the partying, people, and traffic going on at a corner house in their Del City neighborhood. So they turned to the watch, who turned to police, who ended up arresting the homeowner and placing her here in jail on multiple drug-related charges.

"Oh very glad," said Desiree Thompson, who lives down the street. "We've been wondering when it was going to happen."

Thompson was happy to hear police finally did something about the house on the corner of Neighbors Ln. and Leanhardt Dr. -- arresting the woman who lived there -- who Del City police identify as 46-year-old Chanda Wilson.

And here's why neighbors are so glad she's in jail: Wilson's home is across the street from Oakridge Elementary school and directly across from the playground where school children play every afternoon.

The driveway is empty now, but neighbors say it was often packed with cars and people coming in and out of the home.

"Midnight, every time I come home, they fight all the time in there. So I'm glad," said neighbor Theresita Castenada.

Castenada says things have been quiet ever since police raided the home last week.

According to the search warrant, inside the trash receptacle at the home police found plastic bags with drug residue that tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. They found more of the same inside the home, as well as a marijuana seed sorter, a box of bullets and a cocaine smoking pipe.

The search warrant also states neighbors suspected drug activity was going on in there, but were afraid to come forward in fear of retaliation. But they finally came forward to the neighborhood watch last month and something was finally done about it May 1.

Wilson is being held on a $14,500 bond. She faces multiple drug charges. Those charges include possession of a CDS within a thousand feet of a school, possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a place where a dangerous substance is kept.