Cleanup, Rebuilding Process Begins In Guthrie

Sunday, May 11th 2014, 5:57 pm
By: News 9

A week after a deadly wildfire burned dozens of homes and outbuildings to the ground, the cleanup process begins for some. The fire burned about 3,200 acres of lands.

"I mean, they literally lost everything," said Brandi Stone.

Stone and her father live in the neighborhood along Prairie Lane, just South of Prairie Grove Road. Her father's two houses were both destroyed, along with everything inside them.

"I came home. I made dinner, you know, it was like five miles back, three to five miles, made dinner and then all of a sudden, boom, it's right on top of us. We started packing to leave," said Stone. 

While Stone packed up the pets and anything else she could grab, her boyfriend and neighbored grabbed hoses to try and stop the fire.

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"He was out spraying the stuff down. The neighbors' boys were out spraying stuff down. My cousin's boyfriend was out here spraying stuff down."

The fire burned right up to her house, luckily everyone got out in time, but one of her father's dogs ended up running away. Stone thinks the black and white Chihuahua-Dachshund named China ran off because she was scared.

"He lost everything. He said that, you know he could deal with losing the house and he's just really, really upset over his little dog."

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Several homes and storage buildings burned to the ground in the neighborhood just South of Prairie Grove Road. All that's left are piles of charred metal and ashes. But a week later, help is starting to come in.

"The Mennonites came out here and cut all this up. We had the Baptists tree service come out here and clear the tree line down at my dad's house."

Stone's father said he planned on putting a new house in right where the old one was. The Red Cross was helping people in the neighborhood find assistance with the cleanup process.

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