Once Conjoined Twins Still Defying The Odds

Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 10:55 pm
By: Karl Torp

The once conjoined twins from Guthrie, Okla. continue to get closer to going home for good.

News 9 first introduced you to Emmett and Owen Ezell last August after they successfully underwent separation surgery.

"Any emotion you could possibly think I think we have felt," said the mother of the 10-month-olds, Jenni Ezell

The twins have had setbacks since the surgery, but got moved to a new rehabilitation hospital last month. News 9 saw the boys' big smiles when we visited them last month.

"It means the world to me. They're happy," added Jenni.

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The twins, once conjoined from the belly button to the breast bone, still grow side by side. Every medical milestone is still significant for little Emmett and Owen, but their ever growing personalities are celebrated just as much now.

"Owen is very much type A. [He has to] touch everything, feel everything, pull everything," said Jenni.

"Emmett is really an easy going little dude. Nothing really gets to him and he's laid back," added the father, David Ezell.

The Ezells think they might get to leave the hospital and go home within a month. On Wednesday, David gave News 9 the news the twins each weigh just over 20 lbs and can now spend 11 hours off the ventilator that helps them breathe.

David and Jenni continue to learn how to replace tubes and care for the boys without the help of a medical staff.

"They're so big and so strong. I have the highest hope for these guys," said David

"It's an incredible story and it's incredible because it's our story," said Jenni.

Jenni writes a blog about Emmett and Owen. You can read more about their progress.