Driver Arrested After Crashing Into Parked Cars, House In NW OKC

Wednesday, May 21st 2014, 12:09 am
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police arrested a driver Tuesday night after he crashed into a house and two parked cars in northwest Oklahoma City.

The incident occurred near N. Ann Arbor Avenue and N.W. 35th Street. According to police, the driver was going east on N.W. 35th and blew through a stop sign at Ann Arbor. He slammed into two parked cars before crashing into the house.

The home owner and his wife happened to be out on the back porch instead of the master bedroom. That's the room the car slammed into.

"We had just talked about having big boulders come in to protect our house, but if he was going 90 mph and hit two parked cars, and then into the house, I'm not sure if boulders would have done us justice anyway," Shaun Bledsoe said.

The owner told News 9 another car pulled up after it was hit by the same driver. He also says the driver hit a water main and caused flooding.

The couple has only lived at the home for about four months.

Police said the driver was arrested, and alcohol is strongly suspected as the cause. The driver has not been identified.