OKC Volunteers Work To Identify Most Vulnerable Homeless

Wednesday, May 21st 2014, 5:08 pm
By: Karl Torp

Volunteers have spent the last three days visiting homeless camps in OKC to get a better count on the number of people needing help immediately. It is part of the "100,000 Home" campaign. 

This is the second year for the program in OKC. In past year, the Homeless Alliance has found homes for 217 people through the program.

"It can't get no worse. It can only get better," says Richard McIntosh, who is homeless.

On Wednesday, McIntosh answered personal questions about his situation on the streets. Last year's survey was geared toward finding the most medically vulnerable individuals living on the streets.

This year, the questions are also geared toward finding out if a person faces other threats, like whether, if they owe a person money, have been the subject of death threats, or have unprotected sex.

"I'm real thankful," says Carl Schmitz, who benefitted from the program.

For more than a year, Schmitz has lived in his own apartment after being identified from the "100,000 Home" survey last year.

By Friday, the Homeless Alliance says it will have a better idea of those who need immediate help from this most recent survey.

"This campaign fundamentally changes the way we think about and respond to chronic homelessness," says Homeless Alliance Executive Director, Dan Straughan.