New Charges Filed In Connection With JaRay Wilson's Murder

Friday, May 23rd 2014, 6:52 pm
By: News 9

Two individuals, a juvenile and a 19-year-old, turned themselves in Friday morning. Prosecutors said the two were connected to the murder of JaRay Wilson, who went missing in Oct. 2012.

Wilson's body was not found until a witness came forward and told investigators what happened.

The juvenile was not identified and had a closed hearing and prosecutors would not release information about that person or the charges filed.

Caleb McLemore, 19, also turned himself it. He was charged with "accessory after the fact" for his role in Wilson's murder. The judge entered a "not guilty" plea for McLemore since he did not have a lawyer present. His bond was set at $50,000 and had a condition of not contacting the Wilson family.

McLemore was named in court papers in Dec. 2013 when Tucker McGee was charged with "First-Degree Murder" for killing JaRay Wilson. Prosecutors said he was charged now after they gathered the evidence they needed and received the autopsy report for Wilson.

Rodney and Jara Wilson, JaRay's parents spend more than a year searching for their daughter. Friday they were face-to-face with two of the people who covered the murder up.

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"You have no idea," said Rodney Wilson. "I can't even explain it in words to make anybody understand it. How someone can go 14 months and be walking next to you and never say nothing?"

"When they state the facts in there and you have to listen to them say your child's name and being murdered in the same sentence, it's hard," added Jara Wilson.

According to investigators, McLemore admitted to them that McGee told him, "he killed JaRay Wilson by shooting her in the head."

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Court documents also showed McLemore "agreed to meet" McGee and the juvenile "the next day to bury Wilson's body." The document further stated "they loaded a shovel into the back of McLemore's pickup" and "drove them to the field where Wilson's body was."

McLemore told investigators he "drove around for a while and picked them back up" and that McLemore overheard Tucker McGee say "two feet should be enough when he got back into the truck."

"Just to know that they got to roam and walk free and do whatever they wanted, probably just a good thing I didn't know who they were," said Rodney Wilson after the hearing.

Investigators also alleged that McLemore knew that McGee had "hidden the pistol used to kill Wilson" and McLemore "encouraged him to get rid of the gun."

According to the affidavit, investigators had not located the gun as of May 21, 2014.

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