Campers Ready For Memorial Day Weekend, Rain Or Shine

Friday, May 23rd 2014, 10:00 pm
By: News 9

Campers heading out to area lakes for the holiday the weekend say they're ready for the wet weather as they celebrate Memorial Day.

Campers say bring on the rain. Tents are set up and RV's powered up for this holiday weekend, rain or shine.

"The dog, the kids, cooking outside, just handing out, trying to chill out. Turn the phones off, turn the laptops off, you know, just unplug for a few days," said Holy Rodgers.

Rodgers and her family say the mood out here this weekend will be pure relaxation. Rain, or not.

"If the sun is out, then you're like blazing, sun burn, you know, the whole bit. But, it's actually cool and nice," said Rodgers.

"It's so peaceful, even when you live in the area," said Jim Sheedy. "Coming up here is just a totally different experience."

Sheedy and his friend set up camp right next door and are also preparing for family filled weekend.

"The rest of the family will show up, got the camp fire going, got the BBQ pit going, you know. It's just tremendous family time," said Sheedy.

Sheedy says they're prepared and a little rain will not put a damper on the holiday.

"A little rain, nothing. Nothing. Tornado, OK. That might be different," said Sheedy.

Severe flooding at the end of last May caused the popular Memorial Day destination to close for two weeks, including all four public access parks.

"If the weather gets bad, I go home. Come back out in the morning," said Peter Wert. 

Wert says the goal is to try and sleep in his tent. 

"And we'll see where it goes from there," said Wert. "We might have to move over to the RV at some point, but we're going to spend the weekend out here."

"I don't even care if it rains, just to be outside, it's good," said Rodgers.