Lake Hefner Break-Ins Continue Into Logan County

Thursday, May 29th 2014, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

After numerous car burglaries near Lake Hefner two weeks ago, police say thieves are still trying to cash in on their loot.

Deputies say a woman in a blonde wig tried to cash stolen checks at an Edmond bank, and they need your help in identifying the suspect.

What started out as a rash of break-ins all near the Lake Hefner area has continued on to parts of Logan County where police say thieves are trying to cash stolen checks.

"They must have seen me get out of the car and saw that I didn't have my purse on me," said theft victim, Sandra Niblett.

Niblett says she always keeps her purse on her now after visiting a friend in The Lakes nursing home two weeks ago.

"This guy came running out of the nursing home, and I said ‘What are you doing?' And he said ‘Somebody just broke in and I saw a white car.'"

Oklahoma City Police say about a dozen people were victims of a string of car break-ins in parking lots near Lake Hefner.

Detectives say thieves tried to use some of the stolen gift cards at MetroShoe Warehouse on Memorial Road, but the gift cards didn't work and the three suspects got away. That's when Logan County Sheriff's deputies say a woman wearing a blonde wig tried to cash a stolen check at Farmers & Merchants Bank in Edmond on Waterloo Rd.

"Luckily, the tellers of the bank knew the victim from prior dealings with her at the bank and immediately noticed it wasn't her and they attempted to gain pictures of her vehicle, the tag information," said Richard Stephens with the Logan County Sheriff's Office.

The suspect got away and victims like Niblett hope all the thieves will be caught.

"It's very upsetting, the fact that these kids are out there creating havoc, especially around the park; a place where you're supposed to feel safe," said Niblett.

Police say the suspect vehicle is a white Nissan with either an Oklahoma or Florida license plate. If you have any info, call police.