Food Truck Tracking App Being Tested In Oklahoma

Wednesday, June 11th 2014, 7:45 pm
By: News 9

Food trucks have come a long way since their chuck wagon days of the late 1800's.

Now, mobility is the key and with this new app, if it's chicken and waffles you want, it's chicken and waffles you can track.

Mobile Entrepreneur, a term yet to be dished out by Webster's Dictionary, but may need to be soon if more business owners want to be like Cerese and Ricki Bly.

"I didn't know at the time, 'cause they were still known as roach coaches," Taste of Soul Owner Cerese Bly said.

Remove the roaches and sprinkle-in some soul. "We have two different trucks," Bly said.

One serving egg rolls, the other, chicken and waffles.

"It's a lot easier than waiting on the people to come to you, we go to the people," Bly said.

All that travel can be hard to track, even with the Bly's relaying their location via social media.

"It's not always easy to get the word out, and if there was one central location that would be the best," Bly said.

Consider it done, almost.

"It just seems like the food truck business is growing everywhere," Lokal Food Trucks Developer Walter Colindres said.

Colindres, along with his friend, have created a food truck finding app called "Lokal Food Trucks," and they are testing the app right here in the metro.

Lokal Food Trucks

"We love Oklahoma and, and no one is going to build these for us so we might as well build these on our own," Colindres said.

Truck owner's check into the app allowing you to pinpoint the trucks exact location. You can also find all the trucks in your area, as well as menus and the hours open. The Bly's feel the idea... is cookin'.

"I think it will definitely be a good thing for the city," Bly said.

The goal for Taste of Soul, share their food nationwide.

For Colindres and the app, the goal is to be in the App Store with in the next two weeks.

Once the "Local Food Trucks" app is available for download, the creators say it will be completely free.

The app is headed to Miami next and anywhere after that.