Future OSBI Agents Participate In ATF Explosive, Forensic Training

Wednesday, June 25th 2014, 7:22 pm
By: News 9

A total of 40 students came out to the Oklahoma City police bomb disposal range near I-240 and Air Depot Blvd. to receive this specialized training. Most of them are agents in training for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations, known as the OSBI.

Members of the Oklahoma City police bomb squad, Oklahoma City Fire Department, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office and the ATF all worked together for this training exercise – and they are using things like c4 and dynamite to give the students a real life example of what to expect.

The wall of fire was just one of the many explosions created during this fiery training exercise, but what these agents in training have to determine is what went into creating this kind of boom.

"This training is extremely important," said Brenna Alvarez, one of the new agents in training. "We need it for anything we might come into contact with when we get called by these rural departments."

Alvarez has eight years of experience with the Lawton Police Force and is hoping this training will help her hone her skills.

"If we go on a house fire, we need to find out who's inside, what we need to do to get them out," she said.

Training like this has helped solve crimes like the triple homicide of Katrina Griffin and her two children in Dibble back in 2010.

Their bodies were found in their burned out mobile home, but it was not the fire that killed them, but her boyfriend Sean Bosse who stabbed them to death and set the fire to cover it up.

He was sentenced to death in 2012.

These agents are learning to look for the hidden clues at crime scenes and fires like that.

"Det cord looks just like rope," said Billy Magalassi with the Resident Agent in Charge with the ATF. "It can be very innocent looking, until you really know what you are looking for."

Each one of these agents has at least 13 years of law enforcement experience, and all of them combined have a total of 500 years of law enforcement experience in the field.

This is the third week of the agent's advanced investigative academy.

These new OSBI agents will also learn about finding clues at secret graves, and also explore the world of forensic archeology.