Crook Hits Three Convenience Stores In Less Than A Week

Wednesday, July 9th 2014, 6:11 pm
By: News 9

He's hit at least three convenience stores in less than a week and flashed a gun at every one. Now Oklahoma City police want him caught before he strikes again.

The latest armed robbery was Tuesday night near SE 59th and I-35. The robber hit the Q-mart just before 10 p.m. He walked right up to the counter, asked for a single cigar, and then robbed the clerk

“He took me by surprise,” said Sandra Walbeck, one of the clerks who was robbed. “I mean, he pulled the gun and said ‘I need everything in the register.’”

Walbeck is still shaken up by what happened Tuesday night. She says the man captured on surveillance video grabbing cash from this clerk is the same one who robbed her, and yelled at her to give him all the cash in her register.

“I didn't know if I was going fast enough,” said Walbeck. “So I just gave him what was there, and that was it.”

Fortunately surveillance cameras were rolling, not just there, but at the Valero that was hit just a few days before, down on South Shields. In that robbery the crook forces the clerk to give him all her money, while pointing the gun at her head the entire time. This robbery occurred on July 6th just after 3pm.

He also hit the Circle K at SE 25th and I-35, just before 2 a.m. last Wednesday. And each time, he's wearing dark sunglasses and he appears to be following a pattern.

“All of these convenience stores are in southeast Oklahoma City,” said OKC Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. “The situation is the same every time. He walks up to the counter, asks for a pack of cigarettes or cigar, and as the clerk is conducting that transaction, he pulls out a gun, threatens the clerk and asks for money.”

“I think it’s ridiculous that he's still doing it,” said Walbeck.

Sandra says she's just thankful this man never pulls the trigger, but she fears what may happen the next time he strikes.

“I just want him caught,” she said.

If you recognize the man in the video, you are urged to call Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.