Family Of Boy Killed in OKC Auto-Ped Speaks About Accident

Thursday, July 10th 2014, 6:53 pm
By: News 9

It’s been a rough 24 hours for the family of the 3-year-old boy, who was hit and killed by an SUV on Wednesday. Originally, Oklahoma City Police said the boy got away from his mother during the accident, but his family says that's not the case.

"He was glued to her hip, so there's no possible way that he could've just took off. That did not happen," said Aaron Hughes, the uncle of little Isaac Gustafson.

Hughes said Gustafson was autistic and rarely left his mom's side.

"That's what makes this so hard to deal with is because, three days ago, I held the boy in my arms when we were all last together in Ponca City.”

Hughes said his sister, Kandi Gustafson, said she took her two little boys to play on the McDonald's playground Wednesday on Northwest Expressway and Council. But it was while they were walking to their car in the parking lot when all three were hit by a black SUV.

“Both tires ran over my sister and the children. I mean it's not like she hit them just a little bit and stopped, she ran just fully over the top of them and my sister does remember two sets of tires running over the top of her," he said.

Police say the 23-year-old driver didn't see them.

"She was distracted by another vehicle in the parking lot and something drew her attention to it. She just did not see the family crossing. It's a tragedy," said Capt. Dee Patty of Oklahoma City Police’s traffic investigations unit.

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Isaac died at the scene. His mother has a broken ankle, a fractured knee and is wearing a cast. Isaac’s brother, 4-year-old Daniel, suffered a few scrapes and bruises. Hughes says he remembers everything about the accident.

“So my little nephew can explain it in detail. We don't like him to and we try to make him stop when he starts doing it,” Hughes said.

Hughes said the family met at the medical examiner’s office Wednesday and the death has been the biggest blow to their tightknit family.

“She says you know what if I just picked him up and carried him like I always had. I was trying to let him be big and let him walk right next to me,” Hughes said. "When she woke up or got her consciousness back, the now deceased little boy was still locked in her hand."

Police say it was just a tragic accident and the driver was not cited though the investigation is still underway.

The boy's mother said she would like to talk to the driver to say she doesn't blame her for the accident.