Traffic Crash Turns Into Wild Carjacking In SW OKC

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014, 9:51 pm
By: News 9

A wild scene played out Wednesday afternoon as an out of control driver crashes, then hijacks another car and takes off. 

It started near the Oklahoma City Community College campus on I-44 and now that driver, whose car was stolen, has quite the story. He is lucky to be alive, and it all happened when he simply stopped to help out another motorist.

“The guy was passing on the shoulder," said Ryan Bunda. “He was fishtailing, going in and out of traffic, lost control, crashed into the media and so I pulled over.”

Even though the man was driving crazy, Bunda still wanted to check to see if he was ok, and that's when things got even crazier.

“He was approaching me saying, ‘I’m in a hurry. My wife is dying at the Deaconess Hospital. That’s why I was in such a hurry,’” Bunda said.

So, Bunda asked him if there was anyone else in the car, and the man said there was a baby. Bunda began looking for that baby.

“I saw my car take off,” he said. “He’s just gone with my hazard lights still on.”

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There was no baby, and now Bunda has no car. The suspect flew by, but another person followed Bunda’s now stolen car. That's when the suspect ran that driver off the road and eventually crashed near the S.W. 59th Street off ramp. Bob Mills Sky News 9 was hot on the trail as police struggled with the suspect before taking him into custody.

“He was just high on meth,” said Bunda. “Spun out on meth and that he was just out of his mind.”

As for the original car the suspect was driving before he took off in Bunda’s, it reportedly didn’t belong to the suspect either.

“Authorities looked at it, and it was hot wired,” he said. “So the car he was in was stolen.”

Bunda’s Infiniti is now totaled and hauled off to a salvage yard. He may not have a vehicle, but he's sure thankful for what he does have.

“I’m glad to have my life. If I can save someone else’s life by making them aware of their surroundings, I’m all about that,” said Bunda. “Don’t underestimate anybody.”

Police have not released the name of the suspect, but he is now facing a slew of charges.