Mustang Family Fighting City Hall Over Vegetable Garden

Friday, August 15th 2014, 6:54 pm
By: News 9

A Mustang family is in a dispute with city hall over their vegetable garden.

The family got a notice to remove some of the vegetation that is blocking drivers' views. 

The family said that would threaten their healthy lifestyle.

Picking fresh vegetables is Lyle and Jessica Jameson's daily routine at their house, where they also run a home daycare.

However, the City of Mustang said their garden has grown into a public nuisance.

“We finally have a very successful garden, and now it's kind of frustrating that we're being asked to completely remove it,” Lyle Jameson said.

The city sent the Jameson family a notice, explaining it has received several complaints that the vines of cucumber, tomato and gourdes along the fence are obstructing the view of drivers pulling up to the intersection.

“If it slows drivers down, then that's not the worst thing, because this is a daycare," said Lyle Jameson. "Children play here all day.”

The city said the Jamesons must remove the vegetation by August 18.

“We are in the height of cucumber season right now, so, I mean, I could cut it down if they force me to, but it's not right,” Jessica Jameson said.

Last year, the family went before the city to get permission for the chain link fence. However, the city said the current state of the fence is not what was agreed upon in 2013.

“The intent of the fence was to keep the kids in," said Mustang City Councilor Jess Schweinberg. "It was not to use as a trellis for a vegetable garden, and she needs to clear that fence out.”

The Jamesons said the garden has literally saved their lives. It has helped Lyle lose 137 pounds and Jessica lose 120 pounds in less than a year.

“I mean, we are going to fight it," explained Jessica Jameson. "I can't live here without a garden. It's a lifestyle for me now.”

The Jamesons said they are going to get legal counsel and see if they can reach a compromise with the city, but they said they will not be cutting anything down by Monday's deadline.